Representative democracy

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REPRESENTATIVE DEMOCRACY. A form of government where the powers of the sovereignty are delegated to a body of men, elected from time to time, who exercise them for the benefit of the whole nation. 1 Bouv. Inst. n. 31.

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A majority of people approve of the idea of representative democracy, and a majority also approve of the use of direct democracy, he said.
In the case of the Philippines, we have a more direct democracy where the actual votes of citizens are reflected on the outcome, versus the representative democracy in the United States.
While elaborating the diplomat-turned-politician, who had worked closely with former Indian prime minister Rajiv Gandhi, quoted him as saying that India could be the largest democracy in the world but it had also remained the least representative democracy for many decades.
That is fundamental representative democracy just as the electorate in a general election weighs up the manifestos of each party, ie what political parties and their candidates are thinking.
We are in a transition period between individual democracy and representative democracy," he added.
Civil society group Democracy Watch Philippines also expressed their opposition to a no-el scenario saying it defeats the purpose of a representative democracy.
Americans need to face the fact that our country is no longer a representative democracy, let alone its beacon.
I believe that in a representative democracy, those who serve in public office should do so for a time, not for a lifetime.
It was the completion of universal suffrage in 1928 with votes for women, which finally sealed the fate of the monarchy and the birth of a truly representative democracy.
The Harrington Award is given annually to an individual or organization for advancing public understanding of state and local representative democracy.
The Foundations vision is the establishment of legitimate and effective multi-party representative democracy.
Until recently referenda in our own country were seen as a popular continental device not suited to our system of representative democracy based on the sovereignty of Parliament.

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