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Catherine Ashton, the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs expressed "concern" about the continuing political repressions in Belarus.
Despite the EU's continuous calls and restrictive measures imposed against Lukashenko's regime, hundreds of members of Belarusian civil society, the opposition and the independent media have been subject to brutal repressions, including long prison terms.
Soon, the Shah, through repression, established an absolute monarchy and controlled all the affairs of the country.
A political power production function can be developed that shows the relationship between repression (R) and loyalty (L) as factor inputs and political power (P) as output.
The authors' earlier book, It Did Happen Here: Recollections of Political Repression in America (U of California P, 1989), and The Price of Dissent combine two histories: one, a compendium of political police depredations against opponents of the government's policies--illegalities, dirty tricks, felonies, break-ins, beatings, burglaries, and smear campaigns during the twentieth century--and, two, the heroic resistance of labor, civil rights, antiwar, and other dissidents.
The authors recount a dark historical narrative of political repression as "the nether side of the American tradition of constitutional liberties" now institutionalized in "every branch and every level of government.
But it was only at the expense of dissociation and repression of aspects of the self deemed unacceptable -- namely, the oppressed classes of the world as well as the repressed unconscious of the Western mind.
Here he triumphs over the term-paper mentality of many museum critiques, and offers the complexity of willful mapping combined with unconscious imagining--and a glimpse of the unconscious as the agent not only of repression but of generation.
From 1968 until 1979, the date of Vaclav Havel's last arrest, paranoia and repression entrenched themselves in the hungover survivors of the sixties.