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REPRIMAND, punishment. The censure which in some cases a public office pronounces against an offender.
     2. This species of punishment is used by legislative bodies to punish their members or others who have been guilty of some impropriety of conduct towards them. The reprimand is usually pronounced by the speaker.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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A CORONER has been reprimanded for behaving in an "intimidating manner" to staff.
The OLR in November asked the referee in the case, Kim Peterson, to find Burton in default, adopt the allegations in the complaint and recommend that Burton be publicly reprimanded.
Aniceto Bertiz lll faces sanction for misconduct OFW files complaint The House voted 159-1 with three abstentions in favor of the motion to punish Bertiz with a reprimand. Prior to the nominal voting for the motion for reprimand, Bertiz delivered a privilege speech and apologized for his misbehavior.
Sunrisers pacer Siddharth Kaul has been reprimanded for breaching the IPL code of conduct during the match against Mumbai Indians at the Wankhede Stadium.
Sitting with Lord Justice Fulford, he added: "We see no connection between her reprimand and a risk of harm to public interest factors."
The watchdog, FINMA, officially reprimanded Credit Suisse after the firm drew criticism from various quarters for its involvement with the Malaysian fund.
OFFENCE -- Senior officials in nexus with arms dealers sold around 17 weapons PUNISHMENT-- Forfeiture of pay hike and seniority ranging from three to one year and " severe reprimand" OFFENCE-- As many as 46 officers sold weapons without authority's sanction PUNISHMENT-- Forfeiture of pay hike and seniority of two years and fine of ` 500 OFFENCE -- As many as 25 officers posted in Indian Military Training Team ( IMRAT), Bhutan, imported ammunition in excess of their authorisation PUNISHMENT-- a note of severe displeasure LET OFF LIGHTLY Court was giving verdict in a PIL filed in 2007 by lawyer Arvind Sharma, who alleged " widespread nexus" involving Army officers and arms dealers.
BEIRUT: Mayor Bilal Hamad said Interior Minister Nouhad Machnouk's reprimand against him following an investigation into the deaths of two firefighters was "illegal," shifting blame on the office of the governor instead.
According to the reprimand, Schildknecht called District Attorney Michael Munk a "New York Jew" in July 2014.
One taxi driver was given a reprimand for not posting his rates, one was fined e1/450 for covering his meter, another e1/450 for wearing inappropriate clothing and yet another for 'misbehaviour'.
The club has been fined 100,000 Swiss francs and issued with a reprimand, while the player has been sanctioned with a reprimand," said FIFA's statement.
I am so happy that the reprimand did not negatively affect my future.