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REPRISES. The deductions and payments out of lands, annuities, and the like, are called reprises, because they are taken back; when we speak of the clear yearly value of an estate, we say it is worth so much a year ultra reprises, besides all reprises.
     2. In Pennsylvania, lands are not to be sold when the rents can pay the encumbrances in seven years, beyond all reprises.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Why can't poor Raja reprise his role once," joked the actor.
REPRISE: Judi Dench returns to the role of Queen Victoria Produced by the makers of Four Weddings and Notting Hill, there's an abundance of well-heeled folk running about grand houses in a series of comic episodes.
Depuis 1998, de telles demandes ont ete rejetees a 14 reprises par les controles a l'exportation du materiel de guerre du secretariat d'Etat a l'economie, a precise la porte-parole, citee par l'agence ATS.
Mais gare a la Russie qui a deja affronte le Bresil a cinq reprises en finale de la Ligue mondiale.
Billie Piper, 25, reprises her role as the Time Lord's sidekick Rose Tyler, while guests stars also include Felicity Kendal and Peter Capaldi.
In Wedding Daze, Jason Biggs unsuccessfully reprises the character he played in American Pie, and there aren't, etc etc.
More a psychic scrapbook than a conventional chronology of the artist's work, the volume presented photographs of meditating monks in Thailand; turn-of-the-century photos of a female medium producing ectoplasm; documentation of some of Abramovic's own work; and canonical images of performances by every artist she reprises in Pieces (and a few she doesn't, such as Chris Burden, who denied her request to perform his 1974 Trans-Fixed)--all plotted out like the branches of a carefully constructed family tree.
Scientists have yet to determine whether rats that show activity reprises during slow-wave sleep actually display improved memory for the novel items.
Mark Setlock ("Rent") reprises his role as a harried reservations clerk at a four-star Manhattan restaurant.
The fourth volume in a Freedmen and Southern Society Project series, Free at Last distills the previous volumes and reprises telling documents.
En marge des soirees, nous avons interroge le public au sujet des reprises des chansons.