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REPROBATION, eccl. law. The propounding exceptions either against facts, persons or things; as, to allege that certain deeds or instruments have not been duly and lawfully executed; or that certain persons are such that they are incompetent as witnesses; or that certain things ought not for legal reasons to be admitted.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Like the members of the board, though, victims play a multifaceted role, one that combines reprobation of offenders' actions with reintegrative recognition of offenders' status as fellow citizens who are separate from their actions and can remedy them.
In 1793, Representative William Giles introduced statements merely concluding, absent explicit words of condemnation, that Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton had illegally used federal funds.(73) By contrast, in 1794 Representative Thomas Fitzsimons introduced a resolution to express the House's "reprobation" against "Democratic societies" for making critical statements against the government.(74) Similarly, in 1800 Representative Edward Livingston thought President John Adams deserved "reproach" for usurping judicial power during the Jonathan Robbins affair.(75)
"Dependency" is fast becoming a term of censure and reprobation, while "needing more space" and "getting "it" (the scruples of guilty conscience, the tangled network of commitments, obligations, attachments) out of one's system" become names of individual self-assertion.
study of Calvinism and the psychology of reprobation. Stachniewski
'A Litany' tries to imagine what a reconciliation between the doctrinal positions of Rome and England could look like, say, on reprobation and election.
It is only destruction "for its own sake" that is aimed at in hatred; in other words, hatred presupposes dislike, condemnation, reprobation or loathing.
The task, then, is not to resolve the situation or help towards its solution, but rather to satisfy the public by calming its reprobation and soothing its conscience.
Responding to attacks on the proposed constitution, Madison asserted: "Were the federal constitution therefore really chargeable with this accumulation of powers or with a mixture of powers having a dangerous tendency to such an accumulation, no further arguments would be necessary to inspire universal reprobation of the system" (Federalist paper no.
Futhermore, the tract Reprobation Asserted (252), formerly accounted among Bunyan's writings, was almost certainly not by him.
It dramatizes the movement from a state of spiritual reprobation to a state of grace.
What is there about their movies that seems so important and provokes both critical acclaim and official reprobation? To answer these questions, and indeed to explain why I would pretty heartily recommend viewing or renting a couple of these films, it might be helpful to take a brief look at four of the best of these movies.
1185; "Book of the Art of Loving Nobly and the Reprobation of Dishonorable Love").