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One of the fundamental changes in the reproductive behaviour of the population of Slovakia at the end of the nineteenth century and first half of the twentieth century was the start and gradual advance of the demographic transition (e.g.
With these challenges facing adolescent girls in mind, this article identifies and discusses the contemporary factors responsible for changes in adolescent sexual and reproductive behaviours and their effects, to provide some insights into how the changing social context is influencing the sexual behaviours of adolescent girls in Begoro, Ghana.
Like other behavioural characteristics, reproductive behaviour also has a great importance to manage a stock unit.
Many of the women in this study received some counselling after the birth of their child with DS that seemed to impact on their subsequent reproductive behaviour. The majority used contraception, and only few have had subsequent children.
"The musk shrew is a primitive ancestor of primates and when given to the females, they displayed reproductive behaviour and the males would mate with them.
The above is based on a chapter of Pandu Hailonga's doctoral thesis, which seeks to analyse the socio-historical aspects of adolescent sexuality and reproductive behaviour in Namibia.
In the end, Birg rests content with the Kantian dictum that one's reproductive behaviour should take a form that all could adopt as a rule.
Cancer Research UK's interim chief executive Sir Paul Nurse said, ``It's likely to have something to do with hormones and reproductive behaviour.
Women's involvement in domestic decision-making is recognised as a distinct aspect of their autonomy with implications for reproductive behaviour. Using data from the Pakistan Fertility and Family Planning Survey 1996-97, this study examines the extent of Pakistani women's participation in household decision-making relative to their husbands and other family members, and determines its effects on the demand for children and contraceptive use in both urban and rural settings.
It is essential reading for researchers interested in explaining sexual and reproductive behaviour and understanding programme effectiveness.
Regarding the fish and molluscs tested (sole, oysters, mussels, clams), IFREMER notes that hydrocarbon concentrations have fallen back below toxicity thresholds, though psychological disturbances (feeding and reproductive behaviour, etc) have been identified among certain species...JJ:AME/AFP)
DESMOND MORRIS, zoologist and one-time racehorse owner, has written an enormous number of books, starting with `The Reproductive Behaviour of the Ten-Spined Stickleback' in 1958 and not finishing with `Horsewatching', in 1988.

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