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COMMENT: We view the news about funding the bank via repurchase transaction as having neutral impact on BTAS.
Although governments may not be bound by FASB pronouncements, Statement 125 affects counterparties to repurchase transactions with governments and may change the nature of the underlying repurchase agreement from a buy-sell transaction to a collateralized loan.
The ruling said the bank procured funds from foreign financial institutions through 330 repurchase transactions via its U.
The Federal Reserve tested a new policy recently, which involved so called repurchase transactions that would give greater control over short term borrowing costs, which ultimately led to the debate on the interest rate cuts.
In addition, the company will affect repurchase transactions in compliance with Rules 10b5-1 and 10b-18 under the Act and the Company's insider trading policy.
The timing and amount of repurchase transactions will be determined by the Company's management based on its evaluation of market conditions, share price, legal requirements and other factors.
The share repurchase authorization, which is effective immediately and extends for twenty-four months, permits the company to effect the repurchases from time to time through a combination of open market repurchases, privately negotiated transactions, accelerated share repurchase transactions, and other derivative transactions.
Kazakhstan-based lender, BTA Bank, has announced that it has access to central bank funding via repurchase transactions.
5 billion of its common stock under accelerated stock repurchase transactions.
The New York Fed said it would conduct 'small scale, real value' three-way reverse repurchase transactions in the coming weeks.