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They usually involve the lending or borrowing of securities or commodities, repurchase (repo) or reverse repurchase transactions, or buy-back/sell-back transactions.
Nevertheless, a majority of preparers, practitioners, and academics who participated in the PIR research believe that the disclosures depict the economic substance of repurchase transactions and that the transactions are reliably reported.
EVENT: BTA Bank (BTAS) has access to about KZT40 billion (USD$271 million) of funding via repurchase transactions with the central bank as inflows of corporate and household deposits resumed, said BTA Chairman Anvar Saidenov.
In handing down the ruling, Presiding Judge Kimio Miyazaki said that a repurchase transaction is not the same as a loan as its contract clearly states that it involves purchasing and selling as well as repurchasing and reselling.
Although governments may not be bound by FASB pronouncements, Statement 125 affects counterparties to repurchase transactions with governments and may change the nature of the underlying repurchase agreement from a buy-sell transaction to a collateralized loan.
Lockburner stressed that the committee is continuing to work with the FASB on the appropriateness of netting certain repurchase and reverse repurchase transactions.
Davis Polk advised the counterparties in connection with uncollared accelerated share repurchase transactions they entered into with Monsanto Company ( Monsanto ) pursuant to which Monsanto is repurchasing an aggregate of $3 billion of its common stock.
David (Xiaoying) Gao, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of China Biologic, commented, "In the past six months, we have closed two share repurchase transactions totaling 3.
Kazakhstan-based lender, BTA Bank, has announced that it has access to central bank funding via repurchase transactions.
In handing down the ruling, however, Presiding Judge Tasuku Daimon said repurchase transactions are different from loans.
This practice is most visible in repurchase transactions in which cash and securities are exchanged at the beginning of the transaction and the exchange is reversed at the end of the transaction with appropriate adjustment for intervening interest.
The timing and amount of repurchase transactions under this program will depend upon market conditions, corporate considerations and regulatory requirements.