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The return on investment from a rich product planning and requirements management application is dramatic.
8220;Aras EPLM with Requirements Management gives companies that run SolidWorks the advanced functionality they want along with the scalability, security and flexibility they really need, in a single solution that works across the enterprise.
As the leading provider of requirements management solutions for software product management, we are extremely excited to offer an on-demand solution," said Rene Bellei, President and CEO of Ryma Technology Solutions.
Aras Requirements Management provides global enterprises with the advanced capabilities they need to meet complex customer demands, drive product quality and minimize risks, making it an ideal solution for users of DOORS, SLATE and MKS Integrity who are ready to take their requirements management to the next level.
The need for better requirements management and definition is well-known.
We initially invested in an expensive requirements management solution and soon realized it didn't provide the capabilities we were looking for.
Astrium first conducted its extensive evaluation of DOORS in December 2000 and shortly after standardized on it for their requirements management activities.
Rally designed the requirements management capabilities in Rally Enterprise, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) ALM solution, to suit teams using Agile processes.
Requirements management is the process of specifying what customers need and desire from a software system.
LISA already supported easy test case attachment as simple XML files within Test Director (now known as HP Quality Center) and other test management and development process solutions, from issue and bug tracking tools, to source code (SCM) and requirements management (RM) software.
May 24 /PRNewswire/ -- Online agency eyescream interactive has joined forces with Quality Systems & Software (QSS), to create online advertising and promotions for QSS's new requirements management software, QSSrequireit(TM) (available at http://www.

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