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[Latin, A thing.] An object, a subject matter, or a status against which legal proceedings have been instituted.

For example, in a suit involving a captured ship, the seized vessel is the res, and proceedings of this nature are said to be in rem. Res, however, does not always refer to tangible Personal Property. In matrimonial actions, for example, the res is the marital status of the parties.


(rayz) n. Latin, thing. In law lingo res is used in conjunction with other Latin words as "thing that."

See: article, commodities, corpus, effects, fact, issue, item, matter, matter in dispute, occurrence, point, possession, possessions, property, subject, substance

Res, generalem habet significationem, quia tam corporea, quam incorporea, cujuscunque sunt generis, naturae sive speciei, comprehendit. The word things has a general signification, which comprehends corporeal and incorporeal objects, of whatever nature, sort or specie. 3 Co. Inst. 482; 1 Bouv. Inst. n. 415.

RES, property. Things. The terms "Res," "Bona," "Biens," used by jurists who have written in the Latin and French languages, are intended to include movable or personal, as well as immovable or real property. 1 Burge, Confl. of Laws, 19. See Biens; Bona; Things.

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