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RESCRIPTION, French law. A rescription is a letter by which the maker requests some one to pay a certain sum of money, or to account for him to a third person for it. Poth. Du Contr. de Change, n. 225.
     2. According to this definition, bills of exchange are a species of rescription. The difference appears to be this, that a bill of exchange is given when there has been a contract of exchange between the drawer and the payee; whereas the rescription is sometimes given in payment of debt, and at other times it is lent to the payee. Id.

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If the bill becomes law, all manufacturers and distributors of such steroid precursors and metabolites will be required to register annually with the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and such products will only be available with a doctor's p rescription.
Currently the sale of rescription glasses and contact lenses is illegal over the Internet but the company hopes to add this facility in the future.