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For the most part, digital residuals for all nonlibrary (new) product represent a percentage of gross.
Overall residual values for the industry have remained relatively stable.
An increase in DVD residuals had been the stated priority in their previous contract negotiations now that DVD revenue surpasses box office receipts for most films.
Second, the authors suggest that foundries sending wastes to a site where residuals generated by other facilities are present should make sure their materials are segregated.
Individual investors can utilize CMO residuals by purchasing shares of stock in real estate investment trusts (REITs) and other publicly traded entities that own CMO residuals.
They didn't give foreign residuals to thedirectors and they were not going to give them to the writers.
5% relative to securitized lease residual in September 2011.
The projected resale value of 2010 Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles after 36 months in service increased by an average of $1,310 per vehicle compared to the 2009 model year - the industry's largest increase among full-line manufacturers -- The improvement allowed Ford to narrow the residual value gap with leading Asian automakers and maintain its advantage over U.
The sole priority in these negotiations was to achieve a residuals increase for the actors who do this work, and we accomplished that,'' SAG President Alan Rosenberg said.
APPLICATION: By providing wastewater-treatment residuals that can be easily repulped, mills can help commercialize the production of durable concrete reinforced with these fibrous residuals.
This is not practical for today's foundrymen manufacturing CGI components since the solution factor required to generate the lower Mg residuals ranges from 1.
In an informal survey, Video Age talked to various producers and distributors about how they deal with paying residuals in today's ever-changing market.