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As a fluent French speaker, Pearl was an ideal courier, delivering coded messages from England to the Resistance groups - on one occasion cycling 50 miles before crossing a freezing river, carrying the bicycle over her head.
They are members of the anti-Nazi resistance group in Poland.
Mr Olner will visit the village's airport resistance group at a meeting on June 6, when he is expected to answer questions and explain the current situation.
Yousef claimed to be a member of an anti-Saddam resistance group when he entered the United States on an Iraqi passport in 1992.
At the end of 12 weeks of training the aerobics plus resistance group outperformed the 40-minute aerobics group in all measurements including muscle performance, muscle morphology and cardiovascular fitness.
But the Ulster Resistance group has effectively taken control of dissident loyalism in Mid-Ulster and it is they who will be pulling the strings and orchestrating violence across Northern Ireland in the run-up to Drumcree.
BEIRUT, Jan 18 (KUNA) -- Israeli reconnaissance and warplanes intensified their flights over the occupied Shebaa Farms and Golan Heights, in wake of the Israeli raid that targeted a Hezbollah resistance group in the region of Qunaiterah in Syria, it was reported Sunday.
He finished his schooling and in 1941, when he was seventeen, the Nazis occupied France and he helped form a resistance group, using his other senses to solidify the group and their objectives.
Citadel by Kate Mosse Set in a France invaded in AD 342 and 1942, this is the story of Citadel - a mainly female resistance group.
Hariri said Hezbollah's involvement in Syria disregarded the interests of Lebanon as a whole, but particularly the people of south Lebanon, the Bek Valley and the southern suburbs of Beirut, all strongholds of the resistance group.
Gaza, Feb 11, (Petra)- One Palestinian was Killed and another injured in an Israeli shelling targeting a Palestinian resistance group near the Industrial area , east of Gaza City.