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Hariri questioned the motive behind Nasrallah's readiness to discuss a defense strategy, saying the resistance group could be seeking a cover for its involvement in the war next door.
As a fluent French speaker, Pearl was an ideal courier, delivering coded messages from England to the Resistance groups - on one occasion cycling 50 miles before crossing a freezing river, carrying the bicycle over her head.
He later flew more than 100 combat missions over Vietnam and led the "hard-core" resistance group as an American POW in Hanoi.
GERMAN film SOPHIE SCHOLL (PG, 117mins) traces Sophie Scholl (Julia Jentsch) who joins the White Rose, a resistance group against the Nazi regime in Munich in 1943, but she is imprisoned and interrogated.
They are members of the anti-Nazi resistance group in Poland.
Mr Olner will visit the village's airport resistance group at a meeting on June 6, when he is expected to answer questions and explain the current situation.
Yousef claimed to be a member of an anti-Saddam resistance group when he entered the United States on an Iraqi passport in 1992.
Shah was aided by women's resistance group RAWA - the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan - which supplied some of the hidden camera footage, including the public execution of a woman at a soccer stadium built with international funds.
At the end of 12 weeks of training the aerobics plus resistance group outperformed the 40-minute aerobics group in all measurements including muscle performance, muscle morphology and cardiovascular fitness.
But the Ulster Resistance group has effectively taken control of dissident loyalism in Mid-Ulster and it is they who will be pulling the strings and orchestrating violence across Northern Ireland in the run-up to Drumcree.
Her remarks came after certain media reports claimed that a member of the Palestinian resistance group, Hamas, has criticized Iran for what he called as weakened support.
The Auschwitz Escape is set during World War II and tells of two individuals affected by the war: young Jacob, forced to flee Germany and join an underground resistance group in Belgium fighting the Nazis, and assistant pastor Jean-Luc Leclerc and his wife, who find themselves organizing a relief movement in their town when fleeing Jews ask for help.