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For example, during the war between France and Algeria, the judge was telling the defendant "you are French; the FLN is not a resistance organization but a terrorist group.
Denktas helped found the Turkish Resistance Organization (TMT), an organization, that was formed to resist EOKA.
I was in Houla yesterday with LebanonSolidarity, a local relief and resistance organization.
History is replete with examples of effective nonviolent action, said Sharp, who called the First Continental Congress "a nonviolent resistance organization committed to getting political change through noncooperation.
Despite heavy damage to Hamas' infrastructure and the enormous loss of life inflicted on Gaza, the Islamic resistance organization continues to fire rockets at Israel, with four Israelis killed to date.
And what's different now is that they have taken matters into their own hands and reject being controlled by the Palestinian Authority or resistance organizations.
The NCRI comprises the People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) and a number of other resistance organizations, the membership of which is comprised of moderate Muslims as well as some non-Muslims.
Full of alternate identities, daring escapes, and heroism, his memoir details the operations of the Polish government in exile as part of a larger network of clandestine resistance organizations.
When we established the Centre, we attempted to create a bridge between Palestinians and the Israeli anti-occupation movement at that time, to act as a facilitator between Israeli activists and the Palestinian national resistance organizations.
Subsequently, the FBI has been issuing subpoenas and raiding homes of people in Chicago and Minneapolis who allegedly have connections with Palestinian and Columbian resistance organizations.
The Baloch resistance organizations, be that BLA or any other outfit, can never be perished by means of force, these movement enjoy the backing of their nation and would succeed in the achievement of their ultimate goal.