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30) On the contrary, the Swiss P-26 resistance organization would have conducted its operations in the rather flat Swiss Mittelland, which encompasses most of the population centers as well as the industrial engines of the economy.
In addition, the use of violence and kidnapping by another resistance organization, the Front de Liberation du Quebec (FLQ), undermined political gains made by the more mainstream Left and provided the rationale needed by the government to order the army's occupation of Montreal and enforce the War Measures Act.
Kill Khalid is a study of the emergence of the Palestinian Islamic resistance organization Hamas in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.
Are there any countries in the world with both a resistance organization and a regular army?
Under a headline that read 'Legitimacy of violence and political targeting in public opinion' the author explained that 28 percent of those questioned in an August 2008 survey said that they considered al-Qaeda-in-Iraq as a legitimate resistance organization, in comparison to 6 percent in a December 2005 poll.
The latest release is seen as a way of boosting the Western-backed Abbas against the rival Islamist Hamas movement, which rules the Gaza Strip, and also a message to the Lebanese Hizbullah resistance organization.
Nonetheless, he claims to be a political party, resistance organization and reform movement: all of these things, in a single corrupt person, who is unknown in his own country.
The attacks carried out by Begin's resistance organization in Mandatory Palestine/Israel were intended to revoke the inhumane British restrictions on Jews who tried to flee from the horrors in Europe.
A Beijing-based Japan resistance organization has asked Chinese legislators, who are meeting this week, to approve an annual World War II memorial day tribute similar to those in other nations, organization members said Tuesday.
They include: Al-Faruq Brigades, which refers to itself as the military arm of an Islamic resistance organization called the Islamic Movement in Iraq; the Mujahideen of the Victorious Sect; Mujahideen Battalions of the Salafi Group of Iraq; and the Jihad Brigades/Cells, which threaten to assassinate those who collaborate with the U.
On the night of the 16th of July 1943, the Judenrat (the Jewish proxi-govemment of the ghetto, established by the Nazis) attends a meeting of the resistance organization to evaluate the political situation.
After the founding of the umbrella resistance organization, the Viet Minh, in 1941, the ICP's networks in Thailand became more important as a fund-raiser for the anti-colonial struggle.