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March, who had 18 months' experience in the Territorial Army, and Maye had already practised the resistance techniques with each other in a trial run earlier in the year and promised that the techniques would be included in the upcoming trip, as requested by the complainant.
During the platform phase, all students will be trained in the current operational environment and the culture of the people, terrorism structure and organization, interrogation resistance techniques, detecting deception, and report writing.
Muscle testing resistance techniques that measure relative muscle tension and weaknesses when exposed to stress, reflexology, and various forms of clairvoyance, are all types of device-less dowsing.
Experimental programs to train New England builders that simple moisture resistance techniques are practical and inexpensive were well received (Tohn 2002).
He maintained that the drastic changes perceived in the Al Aqsa Intifada, regarding "the resistance techniques and the use of weapons, impelled the Israelis to step up their military actions against the Palestinian people.
Emosyn includes Dual-Key Triple-DES in the Theseus(R) Platinum family, with independently confirmed differential and simple power analysis (DPA/SPA) resistance techniques.
how to match specific resistance techniques with social pressures," "how to counter pro-drug arguments," and "how to say 'no' several different ways.
The mechanical properties of these films were examined and characterized via tensile tests, puncture tests, and tear resistance techniques.
When KGY had begun to off-load supplies from their cargo ship Beothuk Venture at Paradise River, local Metis prevented the operation using non-violent resistance techniques.

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