resistance to change

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Secondly, if organizational members know more about changes that are about to take place their resistance to change is lower.
3 The third major driver of resistance to change is that employees feel part of the corporate family, whether in the plant or office, that embraces things as they are today.
A glance at the Table 1 and Table 2 reveals that all the null hypothesis are accepted at critical value of F-distribution at 5% level of significance showing that there is no significant difference between categories of units selected and factors of resistance to change at group level, organizational level and aggregate of whole levels.
This paper suggests that resistance to change can create ex post or after-the-fact effects, i.
The effects of the aforementioned reinforcer and response dimensions on resistance to change have been studied primarily in the context of current environmental conditions (but see Cohen, Pedersen, Kinney, & Myers, 1994).
Similar to VoIP, there is a tremendous amount of institutional resistance to change (see also: fear of proprietary margin erosion.
Natural resistance to change is one factor, but Vasquez's substandard sports facilities, the result of failed bond measures needed to pay for completion of the school's construction, also could work against the formation of a new league.
There's a free newsletter with ideas and tips for managing teams and facilitating projects, and articles including "Teaching the Caterpillar to Fly" on managing change and personal growth and "Thoughts on Dealing With Resistance to Change and Negativism.
The decision to cancel it is not only, in my opinion, cowardly and a sign of our resistance to change, but it's also rather sad, too.
He also didn't think that resistance to change was the problem.
More aware of the resistance to change in Mexico, the limits of what can be done.
Speaking at the London Book Fair (LBF) supply chain seminar, Bob Shingleton of Nielsen Book Net claimed that in his dealings with 121 small publishers, a resistance to change, poor IT skills and the fact that 90% didn't have an electronic trading address, is hampering moves towards electronic trading, and that a move to establish electronic trading standards was needed.

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