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Our research has shown that, just by eating a meal containing resistant starch, you can burn 20 to 25 percent more fat, and this increase is sustained throughout the day--even if only one meal contains resistant starch," Higgins commented.
Such discoveries about resistant starch fit with consumer interest in avoiding obesity, diabetes, heart disease and other maladies.
A major problem with the development of fiber and resistant starch as ingredients that can be labeled on foods is the difficulty of determining how much resistant starch is present in a food.
The similarity of resistant starch and fiber is described in the February issue of the Journal of Nutrition, by the University of Illinois, Urbana, research team headed by George Fahey Jr.
Resistant starch was equated to dietary fiber in that both bypass digestion in the stomach and small intestine before settling in the colon.
The nice thing about legumes is they have a great deal of dietary fiber plus the resistant starch," said Fahey.
Of the 29 food and feed ingredients studied, the legumes (seven varieties) contained substantially higher percentages of both dietary fiber and resistant starch.
for some time has been producing resistant starches made from wheat and potatoes.
com), Minneapolis, for the production and marketing of a resistant starch product called Fibersym HA.