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Adding vibration dampers specifically tuned to reduce resonant frequency near 50 or 60 Hz is a possible solution (Aubert, 2007).
The unprecedented clarity and diagnostic value of MRI images produced with Biophan's resonant frequency circuitry opens the door to providing physicians a powerful alternative to x-ray cathlab imaging of Vena Cava filters.
The notch filter eliminates just the MEMS mirror's resonant frequency from the driving electrical waveform.
Instead, researchers implemented an AFM probe based on measuring the shift in resonant frequency of a tuning-fork sensor when a mounted tip comes into the force-interaction zone of the sample surface.
The resonant frequency of the load was determined in the sweep by measuring the deflection of the deckboards.
Resonant frequency is a low 1700 Hz, and flat frequency response produces greater sound volume of 95 dB, [+ or -]5 dB, at 10 cm.
The integrated circuitry system produces a unique and complex modulating frequency wave form that hits the resonant frequency of the calcium carbonate molecules causing them to lose their adhesive properties.
Other benefits of the product include roll strength, high resonant frequency, low run-out and suitability for hot webs.
The transfer happens when the frequency of radiation matches the resonant frequency of the assembly of balls and springs.
Doing so, it tunes itself to the atoms' resonant frequency, which defines the second.
A summary of the stress values, their corresponding mode number, and their resonant frequency of vibration is given in Table 5.
Researchers placed the piezoelectric quartz crystal in an improved electrical oscillator circuit and monitored changes in the vibrational resonant frequency.

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