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Simulations were performed to analyze shield material effect on resonant frequency and Q factor of base design.
Loaded quality factor of the parallel resonant circuit at the resonant frequency is
From each H/V spectral ratio curve the resonant frequency was determined and used for further analysis.
Later, the radii of circular resonators with metallic lateral solid walls, which exhibit the same resonant frequency of their SIW counterparts, have been determined.
2]) of the reversed C-shaped structure, the magnetic resonant frequency can be varied.
Peak system performance is realized when the drive signal frequency matches the resonant frequency of the motor within about 0.
These discoveries have opened up a whole new field of theoretical studies on the properties of these guides or resonator-based chiral: new polarizations, crossing patterns, coupling TE/TM wave generation 'slow' resonant frequency, bandwidth and surface wave [38].
The resonant frequency and S11 depend on the width of the antenna.
The sensors' small size (~200 [micro]m long), low mass, pure tone, and ultra- high resolution measurement of the sensor resonant frequency are key factors for the mass resolution.
min] are determined for a specific level (for example at -10dB) , the resonant frequency [f.
The resonant frequency of any tube depends on the length of the tube and the speed of sound through it.

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