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The gain of proposed fractal tree-shaped MSA at various resonant frequency 5.8 GHz, 7.1GHz, 8.2 GHz, 9.5 GHz, 10.3 GHz, and 10.8 GHz.
The resonant frequency of the spring-mass component is kept low (2.71 Hz); however, the resonant frequencies of the beams are relatively high (120 Hz).
Also, the spurious response occurs far beyond twice the resonant frequency of the resonators, and the out-of-band rejection has been improved.
As illustrated in Figures 4 and 10, the value of [f.sub.1min] not only depends on the corresponding resonant frequency [f.sub.1] when the coupling coefficients [k.sub.1], [k.sub.2], and [k.sub.12] keep constant, but also depends on the resonant frequency of the other resonator ([f.sub.2]), so does [f.sub.2min].
When simulating resonance modes, we can simply consider the resonant frequency as wn2.
where f is the resonant frequency and [tau] is the decay time, meaning the time during which the vibrational amplitude decreased to its 1/e.
The final section will explain how to modify the transistor's configuration within the SRR in order to achieve minimal resonant frequency change while tuning the bandwidth by utilizing a different tunable element within the structure of the transistor.
In Section III, the discretization resonant frequency and time delay compensation errors are examined.
Resonant frequency, Q factor, and other parameters are affected by shield dimensions and material characteristics like conductivity, dielectric constant, mass density, and dielectric loss [9].
Maximum power transfer can be achieved when the switching frequency equals the resonant frequency ([f.sub.r]) [4].
From each H/V spectral ratio curve the resonant frequency was determined and used for further analysis.
Finally, the addition of middle slot with the triangular cut, top slits, and circle cut is accountable for generating the third resonant frequency. Not only does this insertion of middle slot affect the two lower frequency bands by shifting to desired resonant frequency and reducing the VSWR, but also their combined effect yields the wider band for higher resonant frequency.

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