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Dispersion across facilities in the Resource Utilization Groups, version III (RUG-III) case-mix index and activities of daily living score, by country
New York State Department of Health: A Report on the Impact of Updating the Base Year and Updating the Case Mix Indices Used in the Resource Utilization Groups (RUG-II) Nursing Home Payment System.
NOTES: RUG-III is Resource Utilization Groups, Version III.
Number, age and Resource Utilization Groups, version III, assessment pattern for subjects No.
The pilot version of the resource utilization groups system (RUG-I) was derived using cluster analysis to explain differences in a subjective estimation of the relative time spent caring for a resident (Fries and Cooney, 1985).
Refining a case mix measure for nursing homes: Resource Utilization Groups (RUG-III).
The December 22 report, which said for-profit SNFs were far more likely than nonprofit or government SNFs to bill for higher paying resource utilization groups (RUGs), revealed that payments to SNFs for ultra high therapy rose from $5.

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