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Furthermore, the functionality of mitochondrial respiratory chain depends on both nuclear and mitochondria encoded proteins, as part of the electron transport chain (ETC), and of the Krebs cycle, involved in ATP synthesis [21].
We realize that the mere existence of oxygen is not sufficient, since it can be used by mitochondria only if "biological catalysts" are present, because a lack of these active substances interrupts the respiratory chain, even in the presence of oxygen.
But a study showed that individual cells must contain a high percentage of mutant mtDNA before they express a respiratory chain defect.
Thus, even though only a small percentage of that oxygen is converted to ROS, the mitochondrial respiratory chain in all cells generates most of the ROS produced in the body.
Mitochondrial respiratory chain activity in skeletal muscle from patients with Parkinson's disease.
Williams, "The respiratory chain and oxidative phosphorylation," Advances in Enzymology and Related Subjects of Biochemistry, vol.
Therefore, quantification of mitochondrial CoQ10 enables direct analysis of CoQ10 available for the respiratory chain.
When the respiratory chain was activated by malate glutamate and ADP (NADH chain: Complexes I, III, IV and V) or succinate ([FADH.
The respiratory chain consists of a series of proteins that can transfer negatively charged particles (i.
Fifty-two patients had a biochemical defect in the respiratory chain in their muscle biopsy; 12 of these patients had partial deficiencies in SDH activity, which was demonstrated quantitatively, either alone or in combination with other enzyme deficiencies.
Another test available from muscle tissue is respiratory chain enzyme (RCE) analysis.
6-kb molecule that encodes 13 protein subunits of the respiratory chain, as well as 22 tRNAs and 2 rRNAs essential for mitochondrial protein synthesis.