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On the sixth day of hospitalization, lung radography was obtained because reduction in the respiratory sound in the right lung continued on physical examination and it was found that the infiltration in the right middle lobe continued (Figure 2).
In order to lower the data rate and consequently the average power required for streaming, the signal from the sensor to a smartphone, the second scenario, exploits the compressibility of respiratory sounds in the frequency domain [30, 33] and applies a concept of compressed sensing (CS) [34,35].
We aimed to identify physical features, including respiratory sounds, that might be associated with disease severity among patients in Japan who were affected by Spanish influenza during 1919 and 1920.
In order to benefit from respiratory sounds to estimate various respiratory parameters, mainly respiratory airflow and breathing frequency, it is required to work on the clean respiratory sound signal with distinguishable inspiration and expiration parts [2-4].
Respiratory sounds were slightly heard according to ultrasonography results of the left hemithorax.
Respiratory sounds were abnormal, harsh and could be heard through bite site.
Physical examination revealed minimally decreased respiratory sounds at left acromioclavicular (AC) lower zone.
A thorough clinical examination was conducted in which respiratory rate were determined, rectal temperature was measured and a description of respiratory sounds and appearance and amount of nasal discharge were recorded.
While at 2 day PI some of the birds in groups A B and C were lethargic and showed respiratory signs (respiratory sounds nasal discharge facial swelling) with diarrhea.
When performing the work, the authors modeled and tested different types of sensors used to register respiratory sounds and heart sounds on the basis of various sensing devices.
Respiratory sounds classification using Gaussian mixture models.
Her respiratory sounds were normal and she was tachypneic and dyspneic.

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