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Responsa literature is a traditional rabbinical genre, dating back to the Middle Ages.
10) In addition to the issues discussed here, the responsa from the early ninth century onward address questions such as the marital status of the wife of an apostate, the legal status of his ayogen "levirate" sister, (11) the inheritance privileges of the apostate, and concerns pertaining to members of the clergy who apostatized.
One genre that developed was responsa literature, in which individuals or communities addressed questions to major deciders of Jewish law.
Lo que menciono el mismo autor de las Aywibat de que <<he seguido en mis responsa un metodo intermedio, ni demasiado extenso ni muy escueto .
Intensifying in direct proportion to the vicissitudes of the Arab-Israeli conflict, whose flare-ups stimulate anti-Zionist rhetoric in the Western intelligentsia's discourse about Jews and Israel,(1) this publishing activity, in both academic and publicistic modes, functions as a modern-day responsa literature.
Inducidos por la indignacion, dispuestos a superar el miedo, convencidos de que la falta de responsa bilidad del gobierno se combate con la accion ciudadana -como ya esta ocurriendo en varios lugares del pais-, artistas e intelectuales se suman al movimiento encabezado por Javier Sicilia.
Pina reconoce los efectos mediaticos de una Copa Mundial y lo asume con la responsa bilidad que impone esta vitrina que lo lanzara definitivamente al panorama internacional.
Criminal responsa appear only sporadically in the Republic.
The title and substance of this lecture draw on the published responsa of Rabbi Ephraim Oshry: Sh'eilos UTeshuvos MiMa'makim ("Questions and Responses from Out of the Depths").
El mundo descansa sobre la justicia], responsa citada en Eduard Feliu, "Salomo Ibn Adret, mestre de la llei jueva": Tamid, no.
50; Bluey Robinson - Arena, M'bro pounds 4; The Clashed - The Forum, Darlington pounds 6; The Stottin Headaches, Responsa - The Studio, Hartlepool pounds 3; Drunk In Hell, Normal Man, Goatspeed, Foot Hair, Rife, Jimmy Bullet and the Baby, Shakers, Lifeless, Pellethead - The Crown, M'bro pounds 3/pounds 4; North Yorkshire Chorus - St Mary's Church, Thirsk; Electric Cowboys - Ranch House Club, Hutton Rudby; The Chevrons -The Station Hotel, Billingham; Still Active - The Park, M'bro Sunday William KJ Anderson, Folk Daddy -The Waiting Room, Eaglescliffe pounds 5; Alpha Place - The Normanby; Tees Hot Club Blues Night - Queen Catherine, Osmotherly 8.
Ibn Hanbal's Responsa provided guidelines designed to help his fellow Muslims navigate this "messy world" without resorting to violence (231-71).

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