RESPONSALIS, old Eng. law., One who appeared for another in court. Fleta, lib. 6, c., 21. In the ecclesiastical law, this name is sometimes given to a proctor.

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See also Gregory the Great, Liber responsalis sive antiphonarius in PL 78, col.
Quapropter in unoquoque homine nihil est tam personale eiusque tam proprium ut alio nequeat transferri, quam meritum virtutis aut responsalis ratio circa culpam.
7) In his excellent edition of the play, Willem Noomen included what he believed were the full texts of the responsories, which he took from an edition of Gregorian chant texts known as the Liber responsalis.
31) Unfortunately, Noomen's source for the responsory texts, the Liber responsalis, includes this "Germanic" verse rather than the "French" one with which the author of the Jeu d'Adam was evidently familiar.
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