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Since the responses are uniform and parallel for the different procedures, one only needs to define acceptable values for a particular procedure to provide an indication of the relative material response.
Current influenza virus vaccines attempt to induce strong antibody responses against the viral glycoproteins hemagglutinin (HA) and, with lesser emphasis, neuraminidase (NA) because their protective efficacy is well documented.
Both these and the B cells are made more potent by the adjuvant, stimulating helper T cells which are required for initiation of immune responses and the development of immunological memory for long-term immune protection.
* Of the organizations that partially implemented their plans, "communication with employees" was the most commonly implemented component (95 percent), followed by "coordination with other departments or units to determine appropriate communication responses" (93 percent) and "use of existing vehicles to communicate with various audiences" (91 percent).
Responses to the list of 26 activities that participants felt the school counselor "should" do and the activities they "actually" do each week were compiled.
Responses to open-ended questions were analyzed and categorized by discernable themes.
To reduce time of exposure and to synchronize responses, we optimized a physiologic pretreatment protocol that induced competence to respond to [T.sub.3] and thus to assess [T.sub.3] effects and [T.sub.3] disruption within 48 hr.
Automation of the weight-changing mechanisms of these machines was accomplished about 1989, along with the implementation of instruments for the precise automated measurement of the responses of strain gauge load cells used for measuring force.
Zimring, An American Travesty: Legal Responses to Adolescent Sexual Offending.
After noting which images elicited pronounced electrical responses in at least one neuron, the scientists performed additional trials to identify neural reactions to views of the same subject from different angles.
Typically, responses to a crisis are time limited, yet may persist into symptoms of acute stress or post-traumatic stress.
Executives must be overtly non-judgmental in their responses.

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