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I learned, however, from his wife, who seemed a decent, poor soul, that he was only the assistant of Smollet, who of the two mates was the responsible person.
It may be right or wrong; but if right, this supervision surely ought to be the especial work of the head-master, the responsible person.
For common or shared areas, the responsible person is the landlord, freeholder or managing agent.
Both the responsible person and the willful failure tests have to be met for the trust fund recovery penalty to apply Once the penalty is assessed, the person held responsible for the failure has the burden of disproving both those elements.
6672 as a responsible person who had willfully failed to pay over the withheld payroll taxes.
Pennington denied a charge of knowingly assisting a child to run or stay away from the responsible person but was found guilty.
It is good to read about a responsible person, who considers in advance what to do with pets while on vacation.
Only the licensee or a responsible person may request and receive information using the new e-mail service.
The responsible person is defined in relation to the premises.
The power of attorney contained only an authorizing signature, allegedly made by a responsible person within the business.
Be the responsible person on your block,'' said Lancaster Vice Mayor Ed Sileo.
Octavia Clairbrook-Cleeve is an intelligent, responsible person who is in an "ordinary" high school, having left behind a posh private school attended by celebrity offspring.

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