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control groups were as follows: resting pulse rates, F(1,122) = 11.
The fourth graders had lower resting pulse rates (M = 79.
But although heavy housework clearly requires physical activity, it did not reduce either resting pulse rate or the incidence of being overweight.
Each morning for a week, take your resting pulse before you get out of bed,'' Cianca said.
Your morning resting pulse may go down as you get in better physical shape, but, if it goes up, you're overdoing it.
Heart muscles are strengthened, resting pulse is lowered and blood fat levels are reduced.
My resting pulse is 72 and it would go up to 100 if I came up the stairs quickly or if Kevin Costner or Harrison Ford phoned me.
Steve Dub "I have," he announced, "a resting pulse of 46.
At one point my resting pulse rate of 77 beats per minute soared to 177 - but I survived.