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2%); however, no samples were collected during the resting stage.
In contrast, Carmen, Machona, and Mecoacan oysters presented behavior contrary to those located in the north, where the resting stage was dominant.
50) Gonad stage Microscopic criteria 1 Immature Oogonia and primary growth oocytes present; high proportion of connective tissue, no atresia or MAs, ovarian membrane thinner than in resting stage.
However, the minimum CI values did not coincide with the sexual resting stage, but were reached in January and February, when the populations were at the stage of advanced gametogenesis (stage 2).
Individuals in the resting stage were found from December to February (Fig.
In the first conditioning experiment, more than 50% of the clams were in the resting stage (0) when the experiment began, the rest of the clams showed residual gametes and a small percentage (10%) had started gametogenesis (1).
Our data indicate that the gametogenic development of Chinese anapella clams is cyclic and it can be summarized as a resting stage from January to April, an early active stage from February to May, a late active phase from July to August, maturity or spawning readiness in July and August, spawning or the partially spent stage from August to October, and finally the spent stage from September to December.