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Table 1 shows how the features used in our histological analysis are related to the 5 stages of the visual maturity scale used in our macroscopic analysis and that the resting stage corresponds to skipped spawning.
67%), whereas the animals in the high-salinity treatment were well distributed among the resting stage (20%), the early growth stage (40%) and the late growth stage (40%).
Moreover, resting stages also afford species a temporal refugium from adverse conditions (Marcus and Boero 1998).
In these species there are differences in the amount of gonad material found during the resting stage.
The gonads degenerated quickly from the middle of August to the middle of September, such that, by the end of September, it was almost impossible to distinguish between the sexes of Atrina pectinata until the end of the resting stage.
Oysters from the Carmen, Machona, and Mecoacan lagoons showed a reproductive tactic in which the resting stage was dominant.
50) Gonad stage Microscopic criteria 1 Immature Oogonia and primary growth oocytes present; high proportion of connective tissue, no atresia or MAs, ovarian membrane thinner than in resting stage.
Oysters in the resting stage were found at the beginning of the experiment in all treatments; in the subsequent harvests, a reduction in the number of animals in the resting stage was observed (Fig.
During the annual reproductive cycle, the size of the gonad tissue increases to occupy most of the area of the visceral mass, whereas a few small follicles are present during the resting stage.
After a short sexual resting stage (end of August through September), a new cycle began.
Individuals in the resting stage were found from December to February (Fig.