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MTB calls upon the Greek and European authorities to be increasingly vigilant to prevent continuing illegal restrictive practices which stifle a healthy and competitive market, limit job creation and ultimately hinder the growth and recovery of the Greek economy.
Strange how outdated methods of work in other industries are called restrictive practices, in Parliament they are traditions to be retained at any cost.
The Post Behaviour Management Training currently required is for the adult social care workforce where people with learning disabilities, people with autism, dementia or older people may be at risk of being subject to restrictive practices and restrictive interventions of care.
For decades, the ports have primarily existed to serve their employees -- the overpaid staff of the Ports Authority and the greedy licensed porters who were making huge amounts of money every year through restrictive practices and overcharging -- at the expense of the economy.
They were the victims of trade union-inspired over-manning, restrictive practices and constant strikes, which made them hopelessly unproductive and uncompetitive.
Although countries are already free to impose national regulations, the US and its allies argue that enshrining the approach in a treaty would extend international legitimacy to repressive regimes that want to limit internet communications, while also making it easier for countries to co-operate on censorship and other restrictive practices, the report said.
They were going to rebuild the British car industry through state "reorganisation" but what resulted was British Leyland, laughable cars, buoyant trade unions with restrictive practices and bankruptcy - with the remnants bought up by our foreign competitors.
In fact, if the unions scrapped some of their archaic restrictive practices, then train operating companies might be encouraged to plough in further investment leading to still more jobs.
I know the law changed to take into account restrictive practices, etc, but surely someone, somewhere needs to have a look at this.
Last year the Competition Commission exposed restrictive practices between two bus companies in the region resulting in higher fares and poorer services for passengers.
The restrictive practices of France and Germany have not been outlawed by the European Commission, does that not explain as to who runs that parliament show.
The restrictive practices of the consultants' closed shop should be ended and greater emphasis given to the creation of multi-discipline teams.