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The AIHW has previously published national data on the use of seclusion (a restrictive practice where a patient is confined alone in a room from which free exit is prevented) in admitted acute mental health facilities, which has shown its use in Australia is declining.
As a result, the Korean Fair Trade Commission imposed orders concerning Qualcomm's restrictive practices and imposed the highest fine in its history on Qualcomm.
He was able to sidestep the restrictive practices of some US studios, sending them off to a non-union studio in Alabama and joining them himself on Wild Horses on the album Sticky Fingers, released in 1971.
Italian giant Eni will be penalized by the European Commission for restrictive practices regarding the transport of gas through pipelines from Russia and northern Europe, according to reports.
European regulators have raided a number of drug companies across the European Union on suspicion they are pursuing restrictive practices, on the eve of a hard-hitting report into the pharmaceuticals sector.
Editorial focuses on cartels but includes discussion of other uncompetitive practices, such as abuse of dominant position and related restrictive practices.
1) Suspecting restrictive practices and/or abuse of a dominant market position, Commission officials carried out surprise inspections in May 2006 at gas companies in Germany, Italy, France, Belgium and Austria.
The Competition Authority blasted restrictive practices and outdated rules imposed by the the Dental Council and the Dentists Act 1985.
Increasingly restrictive practices, pressure on supply companies to cut costs and critically low levels of graduates, along with a shrinking talent pool and falling skill levels, mean the UK Food and Drink industry is now facing a major talent crisis, believes a leading industry recruitment organisation.
The probe is one of a series of actions taken by the Commission's directorate general for competition to drive restrictive practices out of the power sector across Europe.
Fear is further fueled when infection control techniques and restrictive practices such as quarantine and isolation are employed to protect the public's health (11,12).
The picture is no different for the restrictive practices cases (i.