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The Resultants team will be integrated into the Corporate Governance and Compliance Consulting Practice led by SSF Partner, Frank Balestreri.
The chemical composition and the percentage content of the resultants are listed in Table 1.
This indicates that the resultants are mainly consisted of nanoamorphous phase and a minute amount of nanocrystalline phase [2].
Figure 4(a) illustrates the hysteresis loops of resultants 1, 2, and 3, respectively.
But in fact, the content of iron in the resultants is far less than the amount of iron added in the experiment.
Resultants exist because actions are not completely cancelled by reactions.
Action/reaction is the focus, yet the resultants (precession) are often the most important results of the interaction.
With each and every event in Universe--no matter how frequently recurrent--there are always 12 unique, equieconomical, omnidirectionally operative, alternate-action options, which 12 occur as four sets of three always interdependent and concurrent actions, reactions, and resultants. This is to say that with each high frequency of recurring turns to play of each and all systems there are six moves that can be made in 12 optimal directions' (Fuller, 1979, 537.06).
An alternative method uses material models formulated directly in terms of shell stress resultants (i.e., forces and moments are directly related to displacements and curvatures).