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RETAKING. The taking one's goods, wife, child, &c., from another, who without right has taken possession thereof. Vide Recaption; Rescue.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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He thanked the governor's house and the judiciary for cooperation in retaking the house, saying still some land belonging to the department remained in illegal custody of grabbers.
At the moment you can go through the increasingly demoralising experience of retaking the modules that make up A Level as many times as you want - though it is obvious from a university application form that this is happening.
However, Jha has been adamant on not retaking the oath, stating that he would rather resign from the post.
Some cynics thought Cox's appointment represented the business community retaking control over the SEC from a relative moderate like Donaldson, but Cox is showing himself to be an activist in many respects, imposing new disclosure requirements on C-suite compensation and continuing a number of other initiatives begun under Donaldson, in particular the agency's push to improve the quality of disclosure by companies and mutual funds.
A candidate can switch from Pathway 2 to Pathway 1 at any time, however a candidate cannot switch from Pathway I to Pathway 2 without retaking the entire CPA exam.
Democrats consider the Michigan seat a must-win if they are to have any chance of retaking the majority in the Senate.
In a rent-stabilized apartment situation, the owner must, once again, remember that the death of the tenant does not terminate the lease agreement between that owner and the tenant; therefore, any retaking of possession of that apartment without resort to legal proceeding can expose the owner to a wrongful eviction suit.
Earlier on October 23, the decision of retaking the test was taken at an emergency meeting of Dean's committee held at the vice-chancellor's (VC) office with DU VC Prof Akhtaruzzaman in the chair.
'If we are talking of the entire completion of the task in fully retaking and recovering that portion of Butig that they have occupied, we are now at 80 percent,' Armed Forces public affairs chief Col.
A coalition of some 100,000 forces started the operation 10 days ago, gaining ground towards the city and retaking villages from IS along the way.
BAGHDAD / NINA / The specialist in economic affairs Dergham Mohammed Ali said the retaking Najma and Qayyarah fields from Daesh will contribute relatively to the improvement of oil prices.
Carter's speech emphasized advances by Iraqi forces -- including retaking control of the city of Ramadi -- and by U.S.-backed rebels in Syria.