Retaliatory Eviction

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Retaliatory Eviction

The act of a landlord in ejecting or attempting to eject a tenant from the rented premises, or in refusing to renew a lease, because of the tenant's complaints or participation in a tenant's union or in similar activities with which the landlord is not in accord.

In some states, such retaliation will bar the landlord from enforcing normal eviction remedies against the tenant.


Landlord and Tenant.

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Bradley's retaliatory eviction claim was analyzed as a mixed motive case because Bradley provided direct evidence of retaliation.
To do otherwise, Judge Evans said, would be contrary to the intent of the legislature when it enacted the Pet Law to protect pet owners from retaliatory eviction and to safeguard the health and welfare of tenants under the circumstances outlined in the law.
As it stands now, Hays said, Glendale tenants are so afraid of retaliatory evictions that they were considering attending Tuesday's meeting in masks to ensure their anonymity, but the city vetoed the idea.
We would like to see it include factors such as explicit protection for tenants from retaliatory evictions, greater motivation for landlords to offer longer-term, more secure tenancies, and regulation of agents fees and charges.