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In a different application, Mark Zempel, market manager, retention for Eka, noted that a coated recycled board producer used a nanoparticle system on its largest machine to increase production by 5% for a multimillion dollar payback.
chemicals that provide improved gravity drainage (such as advanced retention and drainage technology), allowing for a reduction in dryer energy;
There is potential for using anionic starches, moving back to using more anionic retention aids/microparticulates, and perhaps developing anionic internal sizing agents.
But the events of last winter and spring illustrate the roller-coaster ride that awaits any school district that tries to tamper with a core education policy like student retention.
Such student retention seems politically popular, having been endorsed by the past two presidents.
According to a 2000 Public Agenda survey, more than two-thirds of all parents nationwide supported retention even if it meant that their child would be held back.
While the logic appears counterintuitive, a highly profitable organization with other alternatives for investing its capital may not want to incur the significant opportunity costs of tying up its capital in risk retention.
In addition to the risk-reward consideration in retention decisions, you must evaluate the capacity and materiality of the additional risk your company retains, both insurable and other business risks.
Companies with alternatives for investing may not want to tie up capital in risk retention.
Internal Size: A fourdrinier machine producing lightweight specialty printing and writing papers was alkaline sized with AKD and used a bentonite microparticulate retention system.
With this new feature, Retention Science gives marketers the flexibility to choose how to optimize campaigns based on campaign objectives.
Retention Science, the global leader in Retention Marketing, is the best way to target, engage, and retain your customers.