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The overall stance taken by Danish migratory policies is to discourage the toleration and promotion of immigrant languages due to the danger of ghettoification which, according to their rethoric, bears the risk of political fragmentation and community unrest.
In un articolo del 1981, significativamente intitolato Some paradoxes of description, Michel Beaujour osserva candidamente che "Classical rethoric used several words to name what we loosely and confusingly cali: description" (28); qualche anno piu tardi Jean Molino parla ancora del concetto di descrizione come di una nozione fluida, dunque non corrispondente a una realta semplice e dai contorni ben determinati (363); neppure Philippe Hamon, che pure ha dato un apporto essenziale alla teorizzazione della descrizione, manca di osservare che "le descriptif, tout d'abord, ne semble pas avoir aujourd'hui de statut bien defini" (6).
The ANC rethoric shifted according to its 2004 national election manifesto's promises to deliver, and some politicians also argued that people were now being tired of participation and wanted the quick provision of houses by government (COHRE 2009).