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[Latin, In the matter of; in the case of.]

A term of frequent use in designating judicial proceedings, in which there is only one party. Thus, "Re Vivian" signifies "In the matter of Vivian," or "in Vivian's Case."


In Re.


‘in the matter of, concerning’.

Re, verbis, scripto, consensu, traditione, junctura vestes, sumere pacta solent. Compacts are accustomed to be clothed by thing itself, by words, by writing, by consent, by delivery. Plow. 161.

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Further, supplementing the women with 95 retinol equivalents a day of beta carotene - about the same amount as in 2/3 cup green beans - wasn't enough to ensure normal ovulatory function.
Retinol equivalents were calculated by dividing the [beta]-carotene content by 12 ([beta]-carotene-retinol conversion rate of 12:1) as recommended by Institute of Medicine [10].
Therefore the value for retinol equivalents (RE) = [micro]g retinol + [micro]g [beta]-carotene equivalents/6