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New features of the AARP Retirement Calculator include the ability to develop a retirement plan for a dual-income home, calculate and include individual Social Security benefit estimates as a part of retirement income, easy to navigate tabs, easy to understand explanation of where an individual is currently at in their retirement planning and the ability to experiment with various retirement scenarios to create a plan that is right for each individual.
It helps the user produce realistic outcomes that are not available in conventional retirement calculators or Monte Carlo simulators.
Here are a handful of Websites with retirement calculators and useful worksheets that are more comprehensive, yet easy to use:
TD Ameritrade has made a series of asset allocation tools, retirement calculators, investment screeners, learning labs and online quizzes available to the public.
The Prudential Foundation's new site features video vignettes of personal stories, retirement calculators and useful links to resources on various topics, including basic retirement preparation, addressing shortfalls in retirement and generating income in retirement.
com offers a variety of retirement calculators to help you figure out what you'll need to save to be able to move from the office to your easy chair.
In addition, Mercer has made this program - which incorporates simple, easy-to-use retirement calculators - available to the general public at www.
Tying in with the report, the SOA hosted a nationally representative telephone survey of 1,365 individuals not retired (18 and older) to gauge their attitudes and behaviors with retirement calculators and related tools.
To encourage people to do this, we suggest that they go to our Web site and use some of the retirement calculators to see how they fare in terms of how well they are positioned for retirement.
com/npw401k will find tools such as retirement calculators and a presentation called "Anatomy of a Paycheck," a unique tool to help employees learn more about their paychecks and payroll withholdings.
We also discovered that many retirement calculators produced summary reports and lacked customization capabilities that could be used to sell clients additional products.
Traditional retirement calculators available to investors in TMFs will invariably provide income projections that are materially wrong because the underlying assumptions in the calculator do not track the TMF's investment methodology.

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