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A phrase used in International Law to describe retaliatory action taken by one foreign government against another for the stringent or harsh regulation or treatment of its citizens who are within the geographical boundaries of the foreign country.

The typical methods of retorsion are the use of comparably severe measures against citizens of the foreign nation found within the borders of the retaliating nation.

RETORSION, war. The name of the act employed by a government to impose the same hard treatment on the citizens or subjects of a state, that the latter has used towards the citizens or subjects of the former, for the purpose of obtaining the removal of obnoxious measures. Vattel, liv. 2, c. 18, Sec. 341; De Martens, Precis, liv. 8, c. 2, Sec. 254; Kluber, Droit dos Gens, s. 2 c. 1, Sec. 234; Mann. Comm. 105.
     2. Retorsion signifies also the act by which an individual returns to his adversary evil for evil; as, if Peter call Paul thief, and Paul says you are a greater thief.

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that acts of retorsion were explicitly excluded from the scope of application of the Articles on State Responsibility; that permitting retorsions and devoting a specific provision to the purpose is pointless, since they are in any case permitted; that countermeasures too are 'lawful measures,' given that their wrongfulness is precluded by Article 22--and by customary law--to the extent that they are taken in accordance with the procedural and material conditions codified essentially in Articles 49-53; and, finally, that Article 54 is an integral part of the chapter on countermeasures.
Furthermore, the argument by retorsion is in part experienced as "unsatisfying" partly because it is so obvious: we naturally find it rather baffling that an otherwise rational person should commit such a gaffe.
17) Such protection could take the form of "consular action, negotiation, mediation, judicial and arbitral proceedings, reprisals, retorsion, severance of diplomatic relations, economic pressure and, the final resort, the use of force.
Sixth and last, making distinctions should be related with another strategy often used in philosophy, the argument by retorsion, in which one shows that a speaker who denies something must affirm it in his very action of denying it.
En retorsion, l'occupant a gele le versement de 106 millions d'euros de taxes collectees au mois de decembre pour le compte du gouvernement palestinien, ce qui a aggrave son deficit financier dans la gestion courante et le versement des salaires des employes.
Le Soudan avait pris un certain nombre de mesures de retorsion contre le Kenya, qui auraient pu grandement affecter notre economie (.
Depuis le depot de leur derniere initiative, les Palestiniens subissent une retorsion israelienne qui a commence des samedi par le gel du versement des 106 millions d'euros de taxes collectees pour leur compte au mois de decembre 2014.
Summary: La France a appele lundi IsraE1/2l a debloquer "sans delai" les fonds dus aux Palestiniens que l'Etat hebreu a geles en retorsion a l'adhesion de la Palestine comme membre a part entiere de l'Unesco fin octobre, et annonce le versement de 10 millions d'euros a l'Autorite palestinienne.
La Russie avait annonce jeudi la preparation de nouvelles mesures de retorsion contre les pays occidentaux.
Alors que l'economie syrienne est deja affectee par les sanctions prises par l'Union europeenne et les Etats-Unis, des mesures de retorsion economiques arabes risqueraient d'etouffer Damas, car la moitie de ses exportations et pres d'un quart de ses importations se font avec les pays arabes.