retributive justice

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This was evidently a retributive punishment for wasting human food.
10) For this reason, the right to retributive punishment per se is not at issue.
These offenses include national or international security crimes, political and media crimes, and charges that incur capital punishment, life imprisonment, or retributive punishment (qasas), a rather long list.
It is also clear that a Foucaultian shift in the philosophy of punishment in Hong Kong was taking place--from a focus on retributive punishment to one that emphasized rehabilitative techniques--even a full 25 years before the actual repeal of the Corporal Punishment Ordinance.
We hypothesized that a) sanctions to the harm-doer (compensation in favor of the victim and punishment) will be imposed mostly when negative UH emotions are caused to an ingroup victim, and b) a utilitarian rather than retributive punishment will be assigned to the harm-doer for causing negative UH emotions to the ingroup victim.
That insight is that pure retributive punishment as an end unto itself, which focuses solely on the degree of harm or seriousness stemming from the crime itself, is certainly at a disconnect from other important considerations that surely need to form part of the sentencing equation.
Imam Malik sees the combination of retributive punishment in felony to intentionally less than the soul with discretionary while did not see it in the murder.
the sessions court has regrettably missed an opportunity to turn the discourse away from retributive punishment to constructive dialogue on policing and legal reforms," it wrote under the headline, "Crimes death can't wish away".
One key element of retributive punishment (or of punishing for reasons of justice) is that punishment aims to communicate to the wrongdoer one's disapproval of his misdeeds and to make him understand the wrongness of his actions.
This retributive punishment, which is the leading impulse of criminal justice in the United States, is at fundamental odds with a peaceable Christian approach to punishment.
ACID attacks might soon attract a retributive punishment of at least 10 years in jail and ` 10 lakh as fine, if the government clears the proposal on Thursday.
Decisions by the new gacaca tribunals are generally not based on traditional compromise; their penalties necessarily involve retributive punishment.