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Sarkar, "Incarcerated retroverted gravid uterus presenting as placenta praevia," Journal of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, vol.
Femoral neck anteversion angle was categorized broadly as A: Anteverted (all femora having +ve FNA value including those having zero value and B: Retroverted (all femora having ve FNA value).
The number of patients needed additional suture was significantly higher in the unlocked group (17%vs.2% p= 0.016) (Table-I).In the second stage both locked and unlocked groups were similar in terms of age BMI gravidity parity and retroverted uterus (Table-II).
This finding indicates a mechanical cause for femoral bump as a result of increased contact of the femoral neck with the acetabular rim or labrum in a retroverted acetabulum.
Uterine abnormalities include infantile uterus, bifid uterus, retroverted uterus, fibroids, endometriosis, endometritis, or blocked fallopian tubes.
A pelvic ultrasound performed on the same date was reviewed that demonstrated a retroverted uterus measuring 8.1 x 5.2 x 6.2 cm.
7: (1) a Hebrew synopsis including the retroverted Vorlage of the LXX, (2) a discussion of the relationships between the texts, (3) the retroverted Urtext, (4) the implications of the text critical analysis for the redactional history of the texts.
Jones, Inlet Medical's president and chief executive officer, said there is evidence that at least two million American women of reproductive age suffer from pelvic pain associated with menstruation or intercourse because of a retroverted or "tipped" uterus, a condition that can be corrected with the new patented procedure on an outpatient basis.
A THE doctor is referring to your womb being in a retroverted position - i.e.
To scan a retroverted uterus, the operator gradually and slowly moves the handle upward, angling the head toward the patient's back.
I am not quite sure what you mean by back-to-front womb but I think it is probably what we doctors call a retroverted uterus.
Alternative methods include: (1) patient's menstrual history (least reliable method--predictive only to within a margin of 3 weeks with 90% confidence, even if date of last menstrual period is known with certainty); (2) pelvic examination (inaccurate to plus/minus 2 weeks; with retroverted uterus (30% of women) inaccuracy reaches plus/minus 4 weeks); (3) maternal perception of fetal movement (only useful as "rough estimate"); and (4) measurement of fundal height (useful only to corroborate other clinical estimations of gestational age).