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Country: United States of America
State: California
I purchased a quad that does not work properly it dangerous I went to the company to buy it but noticed it on line after buying it is not a standard size and like I said it does not work properly when I tried to take it back they said they had a no return policy, that is posted on there web site however it is not posted in there store or on there receipt I did file for small claims court but do I have any case?


Yes you likely could prevail in small claims...
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The programme will also feature the return of items that were a staple on his BBC show, such as Big Screen Belter, Golden Oldie and Gobsmackers.
Prosecutor Michele Stuart-Lofthouse said she asked the police about procedures over the return of items.
RACEHORSE owner Raymond Mould has put up a pounds 15,000 reward for the return of items, including a Cheltenham Gold Cup, stolen from his house on Wednesday.
The Telegraph quoted Jagdeesh Singh, from the Sikh Community Action Network, as saying: "We have written to the Queen asking for access rights and the eventual return of items such as historic copies of the Sikh national sacred writings, together with swords and weapons of the Sikh gurus."