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When the pope and bishops in union with him exercise the teaching authority they hold from Christ to the fullest extent, either by defining a dogma or by proposing in a definitive way a doctrine that is necessarily connected with revealed truth, they thereby oblige the faithful to give their definitive assent to that truth.
This approach should apply not only to the interreligious engagement for peace and justice but equally to the search for revealed truth.
Christians will answer that this is not an opinion but a revealed truth.
43) His study of the Bible had persuaded Straton that, since scripture generally supported public preaching by women, any interpretation of specific biblical texts that suggested otherwise needed to be re-examined, for such a reading distorted God's revealed truth.
Yet the conservative credentials of Strauss have been vigorously questioned, in light of his perceived rejection of history, his apparently unabashed admiration for liberal democracy, and his skepticism about the political value of revealed truth.
This book represents the most direct and the richest account of the relationship of political philosophy to revelation yet provided by Father James Schall; it is a veritable capstone for a distinguished series of books beginning with Reason, Revelation, and the Foundations of Political Philosophy in which he examines the relevance of revealed truth to the questions of political philosophy.
Some, like Wilhelm Herrmann and Rudolf Otto, argued that religion and science relied on different ways of knowing since religious faith was based on revealed truth or individual experience.
Simultaneous loose-tight properties") were held sacred by many as the revealed truth, though these "distilled findings" had simply been jotted down by Peters, he now says, while awaiting an early morning meeting with PepsiCo executives.
When every individual does that which is right in his or her own eyes, faith and trust in God and in God's revealed truth is unnecessary.
This means that in their judgment that doctrine has not been taught as a revealed truth, but as one that is definitively taught and calls for a firm assent of the mind.
The Catholic Church believes itself the guardian of divinely revealed Truth.