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While Christians affirm that the Christ event is the perfect fulfillment of revelation, is postbiblical understanding of revelation open to the angel Gabriel's revelations to Muhammad?
But God discriminatively revealed Quran in two revelations: the prompt and gradual revelations.
As a result, the pure Revelation from our Creator was corrupted with myths, superstitions, idol worship and irrational philosophical ideologies.
When Athanasius of Alexandria added Revelation to the first canonical list of New Testament writings, he interpreted the book as a foretelling of battles between Christians who accepted the Nicene Creed and those who did not.
Theology rests upon revelations from God, which are understood to be absolutely true and correct in every sense.
Faustina's revelations add nothing new to this deposit of Faith, nor anything novel to the official liturgy of the Church.
Part of what God writes is legislative, some of it consists of judgments, while other writing is merely descriptive; a great deal concerns the revelation and explanation of the nature of things; in yet other instances, God reveals something of His nature by revealing what He has "written" for Himself.
The Politics of Revelation in the English Renaissance.
The various non-Christian religious traditions, he believes, are divinely willed paths for the mediation of revelation and salvation, which complement the revelation found in Christianity.
While not disavowing the evidence, Merritt argues that the revelation poses dangers to the status of gay service personnel.
What: Bill Pullman and Natascha McElhone confront the end times, as foreseen in some interpretations of the Bible's book of Revelation.