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Curiously, in light of these strategies, McMahon argues that "The Revengers Tragedy, though probably written later, might be seen as preparing the way for a play like The Malcontent" (106), an anachronistic yet purposeful claim that reappears multiple times elsewhere as well (129, 131, 1.
Accommodating shaven-headed revengers was a piece of cake really, after all between post-apocalypse glam, future-punk and spaghetti western the look of the update is hardly period - less Kenneth Branagh, more Derek Jarman.
Few of us would think of The Winter's Tale as a revenge drama, but both Leontes and Hermione become revengers in Keyishian's formulation; so does the Shakespeare who wrote sonnets 33-35.
Henry's wrath made me think of grim revengers, Faulknerian night riders.
Many revengers are disempowered people, unjustly treated, who step up and take control" (6).
The pair return to London next month with The Revengers, following Maggie's End (in which they killed off Margaret Thatcher) - a 2009 a hit for them in the capital.
MORE changes to the Middlesbrough Theatre programme due to its temporary closure: UCA Danceworks' WISHING ON A STAR, Sunday at 6pm, has moved to the Hexagon Theatre; ROUTE 66, due on June 24, will now appear on Monday, November 23; cancelled are THE REVENGERS, written by North-east playwrights Ed Waugh and Trevor Wood and due June 17-20, and STRICTLY MURDER, due on stage June 25-27.
Kris Marshall (Sold, Love Actually, My Family), Georgia MacKenzie (Honest, Condemned, Murphy's Law) and Diana Quick (Midsomer Murders, Poirot, Revengers Tragedy) star along side canine principals Archie the Fox Terrier and Klaus the Rottweiler in this feature length romance.
The Revengers, Customs House, South Shields, until Saturday
The primary anomaly, noted by all critics, is simply that Antonio, alone of all Renaissance revengers, survives his revenge.
Locally-produced, locally-crewed films like Liam, Going Off Big Time, and Revengers Tragedy have been disadvantaged by tighter schedules and lower budgets.
To date the New Cinema Fund has co-funded The Magdalene Sisters (winner Golden Lion - Venice Film Festival), Bloody Sunday (winner Golden Bear - Berlin Film Festival, winner Sundance Audience Award, Audience Award - Rio Film Festival), Revengers Tragedy, Anita & Me, Bille Eltringham's digital feature This is not a Love Song, written by Simon Beaufoy, Once Upon a Time in the Midlands, Tomorrow La Scala