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Return or profit such as the annual or periodic rents, profits, interest, or income from any type of real or Personal Property, received by an individual, a corporation, or a government.

Public revenues are the sources of income that a government collects and receives into its treasury and appropriates for the payment of its expenses.

West's Encyclopedia of American Law, edition 2. Copyright 2008 The Gale Group, Inc. All rights reserved.

REVENUE. The income of the government arising from taxation, duties, and the like; and, according to some correct lawyers, under the idea of revenue is also included the proceeds of the sale of stocks, lands, and other property owned by the government. Story, Const. Sec. 877. Vide Money Bills. By revenue is also understood the income of private individuals and corporations.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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* Signet Jewelers Ltd.(NYSE:SIG) is expected to report quarterly earnings at $0.24 per share on revenue of $1.34 billion.
The Revenue Service indicated that in the first half of 2019 excise revenue was mostly affected by changed tax rates.
The county chief said county executives and chief officers should join sub-county administrators in coordinating revenue collection in the county which had dropped to Sh580 million.
Service revenue from mid-market and enterprise customers billing greater than USD 1,000 in monthly recurring revenue (MRR), adjusting for constant currency and excluding legacy DXI revenue, increased 29% year-over-year and represents 63% of total service revenue.
A senior official at the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) said the field formations had reported about Rs1.784 trillion collections by Monday night against the half-yearly target of Rs1.96tr, leaving a gap of almost Rs175bn.
The paper was entitled 'Strengthening States Revenue Performance through Transparency and Open Government.''
Zafar Iqbal Khan (Inland Revenue Service/BS-20) has been transferred and posted as Chief, (IR-Operations-I) Federal Board of Revenue (Hq), Islamabad from the post of Commissioner, (Corporate Zone) Regional Tax Office, Rawalpindi.
The meeting decided to fill out all lacunas in Board of Revenue department causing failure in smooth delivery of services, said a statement.
Based on preliminary data from the BOC's Financial Service division, the agency's latest collection of P50.139 billion for June this year is higher by 4.9 percent than its P47.797-billion revenue target for the month.
Commission on Revenue Allocation ICT director Joseph Kuria said Bungoma recorded great improvement in the period between 2013-14 and 2016-17.
--$500,000,000 Hampton Roads Transportation Fund, senior lien revenue bonds series 2018A.
Also this year, vendors were asked to estimate the percentage of revenue earned in all of their product segments.