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They also classify classrooms as a Type A Environment, which should have, at most, between 40 and 45 decibels of sound intensity with a maximum reverberation time from 0.
The reverberation times and reduction curves can be graphically modified in the corresponding displays.
Reverberation time is a primary factor regarding the acoustics of a room.
Acoustics engineers normally use spreadsheet calculations for simple rooms, determining the reverberation time by the volume of the space, the surface finish and the shape of the room.
Although the definition of reverberation time considers a 60dB dynamic range, scholars often measure values over a narrower range of 30dB; this article considers such values, referring to them as T30.
The objective was to reduce the reverberation time by more than eight seconds, thus creating a quiet atmosphere.
This can be achieved by reducing the reverberation time within the room by diffusing and absorbing sound.
Classroom reverberation time (RT60) is defined as the amount of time it takes for the sound level to decrease by 60dB.
Because these rooms are occupied by tables, chairs and other wooden objects the reverberation time is measured (see Table 1) and averaged over 4 microphones placed in different positions in each room see Figure 5.
Background noise levels and reverberation time must also be considered (Shield & Dockrell, 2003; Swedish Standard, 2001).
Adding the reverberation time to this condition, it can be said that, generally, the noise averages of hospitals in Turkey are higher than the US hospital sample.
The metal ceiling system incorporates perforations in the surface area coupled with the inclusion of acoustic pads, which alleviate reverberation time in the space.