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But it was Scarborough and his allies who were rewriting history, church-state experts charged.
Derek Jarman, quoted in Simon Watney, "Derek Jarman: Rewriting History," in Derek Jarman: Queer, exhibition catalogue, Manchester: Manchester City Art Galleries, 1992, n.
Under the delusion he's rewriting history, selfimportant vet Mark "Good" Evans goes round wasting loads of money on manky old body parts.
Jolie hates this holiday and wants no part in rewriting history like so many other Americans," News.
Well, Sir Alan Sugar's new Apprentice looks like he is rewriting history.
The flare-up has raised questions about whether altering decades-old cartoons is rewriting history to satisfy current values or whether it's necessary to keep children safe.
WE CANNOT allow Cllr Barber, of Sefton MBC, to get away with rewriting history although I hope he is right that Conservatives will gain ground in Liverpool, if only because this city's Tories vote Lib-Dem.