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Egypt is rewriting history which it had always represented as one of its most important records.
Jolie hates this holiday and wants no part in rewriting history like so many other Americans," News.
One way of rewriting history is the shameless use of deceptive, bogus terms as if they are backed by facts.
But Beatles biographer Alan Clayson told a Sunday newspaper: "I think Sir Paul is rewriting history, now that Lennon is gone.
Dear Editor, Graham Rae is rewriting history as most of his Europhiles pals do (An area of substantial success for Tony Blair, Post Letters, March 16).
They make big money selling books while rewriting history.
Divers are on the verge of rewriting history after discovering what appears to be the remains of a long-lost Roman bridge.
First, last came his Rewriting History, which took on Hillary's Living History.