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Consider the following term rewriting system for subtraction:
This term rewriting system is inductively sequential and a definitional tree, T, of the operation "-" has an exempt node for the pattern 0 - s(X), i.
Let R be a term rewriting system without rules for [approximately equals] and [conjunction].
It also plays an important role in the definition of some algorithms of unification modulo equational theories that are defined by confluent term rewriting systems.
Moreover, the use of pure rewriting systems such as VCARW systems allows a formal description of direct-manipulation actions, thus facilitating the production of immediate visual feedback to the user and of freedom in the order of the construction of VSes through the incremental addition and specification of CPs.
Therefore, visual rewriting systems are defined only on a terminal alphabet, i.
Visual conditional attributed rewriting systems in visual language specification.
The rewriting system obtained by interpreting the equations of [PIM.
One approach might be to incorporate Hsiang and Dershowitz's [1983] confluent [Omega]-complete specification of the booleans, since the well-known disjunctive and conjunctive boolean normal forms are not produced by any rewriting system.
We also derive several confluent and terminating rewriting systems by orienting instances of rules from the equational systems.
In Section 10, we show how rewriting systems formed by orienting subsystems of [PIM.