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Accordingly, up until now, to create space between the RFID tag and the object to which it is attached, spacers of a certain thickness have been inserted to reduce the impact of the metal or human body, enabling communications ranges of a few meters.
With chips sealed inside the PVC housing, the smart pet RFID tag is water resistant.
This advanced Gen2 RFID tag has its unique construction enabling it to perform well even in rough and harsh environments.
The memory in an RFID tag can be configured in a variety of ways.
A Passive RFID tag has no batteries and gets its energy from the responder and because of that, it has a much shorter range.
The RFID tag consists of a copper printed circuit that is attached to a PET film.
The data stored in an RFID tag can be updated--a retail price can be marked down, for example.
RFID tags already exist in the form of "smart cards" that store dollar amounts for riders of some public transportation systems.
Although silicon-based RFID tags are already in wide use--for instance, in so-called smart cards used to pay mass-transit fares--the new developments bring closer the prospect of RFID tags becoming as common as bar codes, or perhaps even more so, the researchers say.
The great challenge facing SATO's team of experts in terms of pallet tagging was the inadequate reading range of RFID tags when applied flat.
Kumagai knew that RFID tags would be the best way to identify the samples, match each one to its log entry, and then track them during lab research.
In October 2004 the Food and Drug Administration approved an RFID tag for medical implants.