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Nevertheless, these Rhode Islanders are still learning to adapt quickly to this new, politically sensitive mission.
In the midst of the strike, the union encouraged Rhode Islanders to boycott Budweiser beer, plastering "Boycott Bud" stickers around the state.
The stubborn independence of Rhode Islanders remains a point of pride that is symbolized by the statue of the "Independent Man" atop the statehouse.
NCCJ, a nationwide human relations organization dedicated to fighting bias, bigotry and racism in America, established the Wall of Hope project to help Rhode Islanders heal in the aftermath of the tragedy of Sept.
28 NCR, which had the Friends of NCR insert, I got out my magnifying glass and was distressed to discover there are only four Rhode Islanders in addition to me who have chosen to support NCR with a contribution.
Despite cold, wet weather and long lines, thousands of Rhode Islanders recycled more than 90,000 tons of computer equipment.
The number of environmentally conscious Rhode Islanders caught RIRRC officials off guard, as the agency was expecting a less enthusiastic turnout during the two wintry days.
The Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation (RIRRC) is using an interactive and educational CD-ROM as part of its ongoing efforts to educate Rhode Islanders about recycling and waste disposal.
President, John Caito III of Desmark Industries stated, "A great deal of thought and detail went into designing and creating the RI State Ornament, and we are thrilled to have it sold to Rhode Islanders and tourists visiting the State House—it means a lot." Artist, Michael J.
Rhode Islanders are perfectly welcome to come to the Bay State side of Wallum Lake -- which straddles the state line anyway -- and pay $10.
"My message to Rhode Islanders is this: I know that you work hard for your paychecks, and for your tax dollars to be squandered is unacceptable," Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee said in a video statement.