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And yet this out of tune, rhythmless, strange little man is on national television.
As always with Ustad Majeed Khan, the clean unfolding of the raag occurred through a very slow rhythmic section rather than a rhythmless alaap.
You forgot to deduct his disallowed / meals, and forwarded one copy, not three," she complains in the voice of "Joanne, From Travel Accounting," and in a spate of poems from the second half of Other Prohibited Items, including "The Last Secretary," "Addendum," and "Memorandum RE: Garlic Salt" Greenwald slips so naturally into the rhythmless drone of corporate-speak that one is initially tempted to follow suit and tell her to take a week off.
Among the standards produced by Wexler: Franklin's "Respect," a dazzling, feminist reworking of an Otis Redding song; Sledge's deep ballad "When a Man Loves a Woman" and Pickett's "In the Midnight Hum," with a horn vamp inspired by Wexler's admittedly rhythmless dancing.
Now that your exile has caused your bark to crack, the spurt of green feathers falters, grows slack, for the birds you offer a hopeless place without shade, so will my song be a labour foolish and vain, if, depending on imported rimes and made rhythmless, it never feeds on the blood of my pain.