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There are, again, some arts which employ all the means above mentioned, namely, rhythm, tune, and metre.
His revolutionary career, sustained by the sentiment and trustfulness of many women, was menaced by an impenetrable mystery - the mystery of a human brain pulsating wrongfully to the rhythm of journalistic phrases.
Hoe-Gap Chung not only incorporated transcriptions of Nongak rhythms and modal and pentatonic scales, but also employed 12-tone serial technique.
From the late 1800s, when shoes started to be used, more complicated rhythms have developed.
This was a first-of-its kind effort between Rhythms and EarthLink," said Steve Stringer, President and Chief Operating Officer of Rhythms.
A few years ago, Takahashi and his colleagues randomly mutated genes in mice to disrupt their biological clock, the internal timepiece that creates daily cycles, or circadian rhythms, of activities such as sleeping, eating, and exploring.
Exotica," "Latin Rhythms in Hi-Fi" and "Easy Rhythms for Your Cocktail Hour," Vols.
The approval coincides with Heart Rhythm 2006, the Heart Rhythm Society's 27th Annual Scientific Sessions - the pre-eminent gathering of medical professionals from across the globe who specialize in the heart's rhythms and electrical function.
This feature means clinicians can go back in time to evaluate cardiac rhythms and identify the onsets and offsets of arrhythmias.
If we accept this, it seems to me that using the notion of rhythms to transform our 'thinking' can lead to a more accurate, useful, and satisfying approach to life.
Chamecki, a 31-year-old native of Brazil, is part of a new wave of international artists who are teaming tap dance with the rhythms and cultures of other countries.