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RIEN. This is a French word which signifies nothing. It has generally this meaning; as, rien in arrere; rien passe per le fait, nothing passes by the deed; rien per descent, nothing by descent; it sometimes signifies not, as rien culpable, not guilty. Doct. Plac. 435.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Toutefois, il y a des moments ou nous ne sommes pas rien. Je lui dis qu'il n'avait pas tort, car je l'entendais penser que nous sommes tellement infimes qu'il faut toujours veiller a se mefier des murmures de son ego.
Well, 'Le Soi Sans Rien' is also truly nothing but a miracle".
HEREFORD: 1.35 Cucumber Run, 2.05 Broadway Star, 2.35 William's Wishes, 3.05 Celtic Ballad, 3.35 Molanna View, 4.05 R De Rien Sivola, 4.35 Mono Man.
Brenneman watching Love Boat while the state floods) Dostoevskian drama (she wins a large sum gambling after the fateful words Rien ne va plusall bets are offare spoken) horror (a graphic third-trimester abortion) and the most radical of subjectivities by a woman protagonist meld together only to disappear.
Let me end with the following pathetic pun: if you buy a ticket for this, you will not (je ne) regret (te rien) doing so.
Rien explains: "As the premier chilled supply chain operator we are committed to developing greener supply chain solutions for our customers that are cost effective.
FEAR RIEN, a multiple big-race finalist who was purchased by Lee Gifkins at an internet auction earlier in the summer, may not race again after suffering a broken hock in a trial before racing at Yarmouth on Monday.
I have nothing of my own but myself (je n'ay rien mien que moy), and even there my possession (la possession) is partly defective and "borrowed" (manque et empruntee); he is not always at his own disposal (3.9, 740b, 968).
Take Reine Rien (one of the two premieres choreographed by Co-Artistic Director Dawn Stoppiello in collaboration with the performers).
Come Undone (Presque Rien) * Written by Sebastien Lifshitz and Stephane Bouquet * Directed by Lifshitz * Starring Jeremie Elkaim and Stephane Rideau * Picture This!